Starting New Year, ICUBE Urges Clients to Start Thinking of Upgrading to Magento 2

Jakarta (January 8, 2019) - By June 2020, support and system services from the Magento 1 platform both Enterprise Edition (Magento Commerce 1) and Community Edition (Magento Open Source 1) will be officially terminated. In order to improve our service to customers, this ecommerce application based on CMS (Content Management System) will focus on developing the platform of Magento 2. This development including system transformation and more innovative features to provide the better support for ecommerce partners and clients. Magento Commerce 2 also provides such a superior performance in a larger scale of cloud-hosting, information technology system that is more refined with kind of user-friendly features such as creating, scheduling, and launching the interesting content. Moreover, it is also equipped with business intelligence feature which increase the best experience in ecommerce solution.

Magento 2 comes with excellent performance and service. As the market share grows so fast, Magento 2 has prepared more than 2000 extensions or plugins that are ready to be paired, new capabilities that are ready to be launched every three months (now it reaches version 2.3), and more than 8000 sites have already launched with the platform of Magento 2 within just three months. In addition, there are also various themes which have been prepared on the Magento 2. Actually, theme is specifically intended for customers who are about to start an online retail business such as online store or marketplace in an easier way. Because in addition to provide web design according to taste and needs, the theme has also been equipped with various built-in features, one of them is plugin or extension. Moreover, to further enrich the appearance or web features, Magento 2 also presents thousands of extensions or plugins that are ready to be paired. With so many types of plugins, Magento is an ecommerce solution that continues to grow massively in each updated version. Here are a handful of extensions provided both free and paid:

Various Extensions in Magento 2


With its flexibility, Magento has also created a global community of partners and developers to provide more satisfying experience in the ecommerce landscape, including ICUBE. ICUBE as a partner for Magento-based ecommerce solution in Indonesia is aware of the need for a more integrated system in the midst of competitive-increasingly ecommerce industry. Therefore, ICUBE and Magento encourage all Magento 1 customers and partners to start planning an upgrade and welcoming the more perfect Magento 2 through our specialist consultant, we’ll be more than happy to help you. While the various advantages and integrated features in Magento 2 are presented in the following infographic:

Untitled-Project (9).jpg
Muliadi Jeo